KIDD AR15 Steel Muzzle Brake .920"

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KIDD AR15 Steel Muzzle Brake .920"
KIDD AR15 Muzzle Brake Top: Black Turbo Right: Silver Turbo Bottom: Black SMB Left: Silver SMB
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  • AR15 muzzle brake
  • 1/2" -28 thread .500 depth
  • Silver .920" Stainless Steel 
  • Black .920" blued chromoly
  • 2" length
The Kidd AR15 muzzle brake can be used on AR15 rifles with 1/2" -28 threads.  The purpose of a muzzle brake is to reduce the felt recoil of the rifle. It also adds more weight to the muzzle, looks great and protects the muzzle!   

Packaging includes:
muzzle brake

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