KIDD .22LR Ultra Lightweight Fluted Rifle Bull Barrel

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KIDD .22LR Ultra Lightweight Fluted Rifle Bull Barrel
Silver and black ultra lightweight fluted bull barrel with no muzzle threading
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Color and Muzzle Threading Option
  • Aftermarket replacement barrel for the 10/22® 
  • 16 1/4 inches in length
  • 1 1/4 pounds
  • .870" diameter
  • "High cool factor" Fluting
  • Stainless Steel Breech and Muzzle
  • Perfect for varmint hunting or fun target
  • Stainless Steel Muzzle threading option
  • Bull barrel stock channel  
  • Another superb aftermarket barrel for the .22LR by Kidd Innovative Design. This Ultra Lightweight Fluted Bull Barrel weighs just over a pound and yet is a great shooter!  We have seen a niche in our barrel market for a much lighter weight barrel and believe our customers will benefit from our durable steel barrel anchored by a stainless steel breech and stainless steel muzzle design.  As with all our barrels the bore is hand lapped here at KIDD.

    This will be great for people who don't want to tote around a heavy rifle but still want a high quality product.  At 1.25 pounds and 16 1/4 inches in length this is our lightest rifle barrel.  Our product testing has resulted in 1/2" groups at 50 yards.  Though, we don't guarantee this barrel to group at that rate.  A threaded muzzle is an option on the barrel and our threading is 1/2"-28 and is available with a protective cap.

    For those customers that would like our threaded and caped version the length will increase just slightly to 16 3/4" and our ultra lightweight barrel with our aluminum muzzle brake will be 18 1/4" in overall length.  This aftermarket 10/22® barrel will drop into any bull barrel channel rifle stock and will look like it was custom made for it.
    Avoiding "barrel droop":
    First and foremost barrel droop is eliminated with a solid fit between the barrel and the receiver.  If the barrel slips in too easily then the shooter should already be aware that there is not a secure fit and gravity will start doing her work immediately.  Or if the barrel tenon is not the same diameter throughout the length then a teeter totter effect is set in motion.  For instance if the breach end of the tenon is smaller than the shoulder end the weight of the barrel will "pull" the barrel down and barrel droop is created.  Or if the breach end of the tenon is larger than the shoulder end then as the tenon is installed in the mortise the breach carves a larger hole and again a teeter totter effect is created as the smaller shoulder end of the tenon sits is a hole that is too large.  This same effect would happen if the middle of the barrel tenon was enlarged.  

    KIDD eliminated barrel droop with the utilization of a resistance fit in this mortise and tenon joint, meaning that the KIDD barrel tenon is just slightly larger in diameter than the KIDD receiver mortise and we make absolutely certain that the tenon is the same diameter throughout the length.

    Another problem area to be aware of is the proper utilization of the shoulder.  If the shoulder of the barrel does not set flush against the receiver then again the support isn't there.  Comparable to setting down a tall glass with a convex bottom, it wants to tilt.  We make certain that the shoulder created between the .920" diameter and our tenon is precise.  This requires specialty cutting tools to create a very clean step.  But if done with less care there will be a ramp rather than a step between these two differing diameters.  This ramp will not support the necessary weight and will prevent the shoulder of the barrel from sitting flush against the receiver.  

    When this barrel fitment is secure we recommend the v-block screws just need to be snug, around 10 inch pounds, which is just snug enough to keep the barrel from moving forward, but not too tight to pull the barrel out of alignment.

    Barrel installation: 

    Depending on your receiver, if there is paint build up in the receiver mortise be sure to scrape that out. We recommend using an anti-seize compound to assist in installation. Anti-seize is readily available at automotive stores.  It is best if you can get the barrel tenon started into the receiver mortise, then turn it over and tap the back of the receiver with a rubber mallet. Be sure to line the extractor slot up as you are installing the barrel. Your barrel is ready to shoot, just run two magazines through it before you really start looking at group size. Do this each time you change brands of ammunition as well. Keep the chamber clean, but don't clean the bore too much you will decrease accuracy. Depending on the ammo, clean the bore around every 500 rounds.

5 Stars
Goes on easey!!
Over the past 2 years I have slowly bought a part here and there. I have used kid parts in all 3 of my 10/22's but just recently finished a complete rifle ending with this barrel.The barrel, bolt and trigger are what make this rifle and I am pleased with Kidd products. I recommend using Kidd to build what will turn out to be a reliable and accurate rifle that you will have fun with for years. Chris,Cincinnati Ohio
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Cincinnati. on 1/12/2020
5 Stars
Great Barrel
Thanks for making my carry rifle more accurate than my target rifle... Now I have to buy another one of your barrels so I don’t have to target shoot with my squirrel gun!!!!! The ULW barrel should have your 1/2” guarantee, bc mine shoots 1/4” groups.
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Reviewed by:  from Flowood MS. on 9/8/2019
5 Stars
Awesome barrel!!
So I purchased this to build a light weight squirrel rifle as I already have a couple of heavy bench 10/22 rifles so I just wanted something that shot ok ,and was light. Much to my surprise this barrel is amazing ! I don’t see how such a lightweight 16” barrel can perform this well. After a quick boresight I stepped it out to 51 yards and the very first 5 shot group from this barrel could be covered with a dime. Then stepped to 100 yards for next 5 and was barely over 1” keep in mind it’s a fresh barrel and I wasn’t using match ammo. Cci mini mag 40fr sp shooting off a table with no rest . So with match grade ammo and a bag I really think it’s going to be lights out! Only other mods are magpul x-22 stock and good trigger .Nikon rimfire scope . Shot 200rds total and ZERO failures . Stock extractor /bolt etc etc. install was easy . I done the heat/freeze method and used hi temp anti-seize . Was able to set with pair of gloves and on get the perfect extractor alignment then once cooled it wall all nice and tight. No beating with a hammer and just settling for “close enuf” alignment . Now I’m actually considering swapping my heavy barreled 10/22s over to this same barrel. Great product at great price , fast shipping . Can’t ask for anything more than that!
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Reviewed by:  from Tennessee . on 8/17/2018
5 Stars
Love this Ultra Light.
Have head this barrel now for about 3 years with this and a kidd bolt assemble and a 2# quality trigger I can easily shoot 1/2 inch groups at 50yrds also have a 4-24x40 AO scope. I added a 4 " 4oz fake suppressor to move the balance point forward to make the barrel heavy but not too heavy. Over all the rifle is just over 6#'s a joy to shoot and carry in the field. I use this rifle for small game hunting and informal target shooting if I miss my target under a 100 yrds it is my not the rifle. There nothing better than having total confidence your equipment if you are going to up grade a stock rifle you would be wise to go with all kidd products you will not regret this.
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Reviewed by:  from San Diego. on 7/20/2018
5 Stars
Using just a 4x scope I shot several 1/2" to 5/8" groups with this ultra LW bbl at 50 yards using Norma TAC, CCI SV, and Aguila SV ammo. 100% feeding and no misfires over first 50 rounds with excellent accuracy. Exceeded my expectations for such a light and short bbl.
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Reviewed by:  from MI. on 7/7/2017

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